I Tried the Mental Health Clubhouse Again Today

Before today, every time I went to the mental health clubhouse, I left very quickly and didn’t go back for a long period of time because of my anxiety. Today, I lasted for a few hours. I’m happy about my progress. I learned how to use guns to tag and price shirts for the boutique unit. I didn’t expect to be able to pick up on something that looked so complicated. I made mistakes with maneuvering the rack and filing papers, but at least I did something right. I’m more confident now that I can handle volunteering here.


My Plans for a Date and a Cooking Class Both Fell Through

My date cancelled on me in a mean way today. I had a feeling things might not go well with him because I found his communication style very stressful. However, I admired his dedication to his job as a social worker, and I found him really attractive, so I still hoped that it would work out. I wound up getting so angry about the way he has been acting that I cancelled the cooking class because the ordeal drained me of the energy I would’ve needed to locate the place. I find navigation stressful.

At least I have a board game event on Tuesday to look forward to.

My Thoughts On “This Emotional Life,” Starring Social Psychologist Daniel Gilbert

My Thoughts On “This Emotional Life,” Starring Social Psychologist Daniel Gilbert

Daniel Gilbert says that the biggest source of our happiness is our relationships. I feel that way, personally. Although I don’t have many people in my life yet, most of what I daydream about involves having a social life, such as having a small group over to play games. Since our relationships aren’t entirely within our control, I think that we need to supplement them with other things, such as learning about things that interest us.

Gilbert interviews several people, such as a couple who have relationship issues in their relationship, a $45 million lottery winner, and a young adult who wants to recover from her debilitating depression in time to start college in a few months.

The scene that moved me the most was when one partner said to the other, during therapy, “Why do you make everything about basketball?” and he said, “My dad was murdered when I was two, and the only memory I have of him is of him putting a basketball in my crib.” She understood him a lot better, and their relationship improved.

The show also contains scientific studies. In one older study, a researcher found that baby monkeys preferred fake cloth mothers with no food to wire mothers with food. This study supports the show’s clam that relationships are the most important source of happiness because the monkeys prioritized the fake mother that could comfort them.

I recommend this series to anyone who wants to learn more about our emotions and relationships.

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My Thoughts On The Secret Life of Pets Movie

My Thoughts On The Secret Life of Pets Movie

I found the characterization in The Secret Life of Pets too inconsistent. Chloe, the cat, told the main character, Max, “I don’t care about you or your problems.” After he went missing, however, she helped a dog, Gidget, convince their friends to look for him. Max’s roommate, Duke, said, “I wasn’t sure if I liked you when I first met you.” Actually, when he first met Max, he smiled and gave him a big, slobbery lick.

On the plus side, it had some funny moments. Snowball, the rabbit, chewed a carrot into the shape of a key to help the animals get out of the pound. Leonard, a Poodle, switched the music from classical to heavy metal when his owner left, and threw hardcore dance parties. Buddy, a Dachsund, turned on a kitchen mixer for a massage.

A sequel will come out in 2019. I’m not sure if I liked this movie enough to watch the second one, but I got some chuckles out of it.


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Massive Family Problems

My parents are very angry with me because I don’t take care of myself. My mom is also angry that I kept trying to deal with my loneliness by meeting people online and updating her on the constant stream of depressing outcomes, like “Another person didn’t reply to my message” or “That person just wanted sex and blew me off during the parts when I tried to make conversation on our date.” My parents have said things that have hurt me deeply. I’m not sure if my relationships with them will survive. The stress is completely crushing.

Checking Out Cooking Classes

I just signed up for a cooking class on the 18th about making bacon wrapped meatloaf. I’m always craving protein, so it’s the perfect class for me! There’s another cooking class on the 31st about the history of chocolate with samples from a local chocolate shop and from around the world. It’s true that I could look up recipes or research food history at home, but I want to be around other people more. My city has some cool stuff going on! I look forward to trying them out.

Adventures in Therapy

I told my therapist that my work sucks because I sometimes make mistakes and get confused about how to do it. She said that it takes time to learn how to do something. Talking to her brought me relief. I feel more hopeful now that I’ll be able to contribute to society. I’ll go back to the mental health clubhouse sometime within the next week and start doing tasks there again.

She accepted a new job, so I’ll transition to a new therapist. I haven’t felt comfortable with her, and agonized about whether to switch, so I’m relieved that outside forces have taken care of it for me. Since I had a big breakthrough with her, I’m excited to see what can happen with someone who I’m more comfortable with.