As of 5/2/17

I’m Shae. Welcome to Oasis Charm.

The main things I’m working on right now are improving my mental health and social skills. When I feel like I have improved myself enough, I plan to go back to school to become a therapist. I’ll eventually turn this blog from a hobby into another career on the side.

I have a very wide variety of interests, so I’ll cover all kinds of topics on this blog.

Self-help: Tips for improving mental health, achieving goals, building social skills and relationships, and other life tasks

Creative: My own fiction, poetry, recipes, and artwork, as well as tips for those who wanna improve their creative skills

People: Aspects of the human condition, such as psychology, sociology, social justice, and crime

Media: My thoughts on works of media, such as shows, books, and games.

Science and nature: Aspects of the world around us, such as animals, space, and earth science