Category: Humor

Pusheen the Cat

I discovered an online comic called Pusheen the Cat.  It’s very creative and funny. I think one of the artist’s best pieces is Careers for Cats. It shows Pusheen moving her front paws up and down, as cats sometimes do, for various careers like masseuse, pianist, and baker. There’s a book and a shop. I wish Pusheen’s whiskers were closer to her nose, but overall, I think she’s cute.

She’s up to all kinds of shenanigans in the comic, even trading Pokemon with another cat. Facebook has Pusheen stickers that you can use in chats, which have added a lot to my online discussions, such as when my mom helped me order a pizza for the first time and I sent a picture of Pusheen eating pizza when I was finally able to complete the order.

I’m a fan of this cat!


Funny Act of Kindness

A couple of days ago, a stranger gave me a polka dotted scarf because my dress and backpack had polka dots. She said, “I love this scarf, but I’d love it on you.” I appreciate my new scarf and it’ll be a happy reminder of a stranger’s kindness.

I also have a scarf that my mom knitted for me. That scarf is a happy reminder of her love for me.

I treasure them both.