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Domestic Violence Murder Rates of Women in the U.S

The Violence Policy Center reported that every day, nearly three U.S women are killed by romantic partners (O’Hara). On April 10th, 2017, Cedric Anderson fatally shot his wife, Karen Smith, in the classroom where she was working as a special education teacher (O’Hara). He also killed a child, who had recently survived heart surgery, and injured another, who was still recovering in the hospital at the time the article was written (O’Hara, “Boy killed…”). After the shooting, he completed suicide (“Boy killed…”). Before, he had made threats towards Smith, and was arrested for domestic violence (O’Hara). Monica McLaughlin, deputy director of public policy at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, said that if a person who owns firearms is arrested for domestic violence, their firearms should be taken away (O’Hara).

The Justice Bureau’s statistics show that black women in the U.S have a 35% higher domestic violence victimization rate than white women (O’Hara). Black women make up only about 13% of U.S women, but about half of female U.S murder victims are black (O’Hara). Debbie Hines, a former Baltimore prosecutor, said that many black people don’t feel that they can trust the police (O’Hara). In the black community, victim-blaming and stigma against mental health counseling make black women less likely to seek help (O’Hara).

Hines said that police departments should have domestic violence units (O’Hara). She said that when domestic violence situations go to court, abusers are often referred to supportive services, while victims often aren’t (O’Hara). I checked my city’s police department’s website to find out if they have a domestic violence unit. If not, I was planning to write to the mayor, but I’m happy to report that they do have one. My city’s police department also refers victims of domestic violence to supportive services. I encourage you to see if your local police department does these things, and if not, to contact your mayor.


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