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My Thoughts On Pokémon Origins: Season 1, Episode 1

Pokémon Origins is about the main characters from the original video games, Red and Blue, and their mission to complete Professor Oak’s Pokédex.

I like that the Pokémon sound natural, instead of saying their names.

Like the original show, the first episode opens with the main character watching a battle between a Nidorino and a Gengar on TV. It doesn’t make sense that the narrator refers to Nidorino’s Poison Sting as “nasty,” implying that it causes a lot of damage, because Poison Sting is a weak attack, and Gengar, who is part Poison, should be resistant to it.

When Red’s mother tells him that Professor Oak’s project is done, he has a weird reaction. He grunts, makes a weird face, screams, and falls down the stairs. I don’t like that scene.

I like the cheerful classical music that plays while Red is on the way to Professor Oak’s lab. It fits the scene well.

It was silly of Red to pick Charmander just because fire is the color of his name, and equally silly of Blue to pick Squirtle just because it’s strong against Red’s Charmander.

Red isn’t a nice person in the first episode. After his first battle, he tries to catch another trainer’s Nidoran. While battling Blue and his Squirtle, Red says impatient and unkind things to his Charmander, like “Ah, I don’t get it. Why are you so slow?” I imagine that it would be hard for a Pokémon to battle when its trainer talks to it like that.

The battles in this show seem to be a bit more intense than in the original.

Content warning for self-harm: Red hits himself on the head with a Poké Ball after a difficult encounter with Blue.

Brock, the first gym leader, steps in as a mentor when he sees that Red is having a difficult time. It was rude of Brock to not answer Red’s question, “Who are you?” after approaching him. I also dislike Brock’s emphasis on power. I do like that he doesn’t hit on women inappropriately like in the original show, though.

When Red battles Brock, Red uses six Pokémon, and Brock only uses two. I dislike that trainers can use more Pokémon than gym leaders in this show, because it would be more fair and show the trainers’ skills more accurately if they use they same number of Pokémon, like in the original show.

It’s interesting than an easily overlooked detail helps Red win the battle: a leftover string from his Metapod’s String Shot, which slows down Brock’s Onyx just a little bit.

During the battle, Red realizes that Pokémon are partners, not tools for battle. It makes me sad that this is a big epiphany for him. I’m glad that he becomes a better person, though.